Carmicheal Government uncertain as vote moves forward

parliamentGeneva, Alexandria; ABCC News – Speaker of the Imperial Parliament Juan Ciervo opened today a vote on the confidence motion initiated by MP Eva Fernandez on the Carmicheal Government. The vote was expected to be strongly along partisan lines, with the Conservative Party having recently won a majority in Parliament with the election of Alejandro Castillo as MP for Luthoria. However, the freshman MP and former Conservative leader broke with his own party to lend his support to the Carmicheal Government. “I think it unwise to dismiss the current government, despite it’s faults, and because I believe that doing so would only foster further partisan bickering,” stated Mssr. Castillo. So far the vote stands at a tie – with the First Consul (L-IB) and Castillo (C-LU) voting to keep the current Government, and Fernandez (BA) and Guigou (SM) voting no. “I’m not sure what the outcome of this vote will be.  The First Consul has been doing the best he can, given the current situation in Alexandria.  The Conservatives hold a small majority of the seats, leading you to believe that the Carmichael Government will not survive, but Mr. Castillo’s vote in support of the Government brings you back to uncertainty,” stated the Speaker of Parliament.

With the vote at a stand still, many Alexandrians are torn over the possibility of the Carmicheal Government staying on. When asked if she thought the Carmicheal Government would survive, Jennifer Ortega responded, “Yes, I think it will survive- as I’m not quite sure if the Conservatives have much of an agenda and seem to be more interested in embarassing the First Consul than actually getting things done.  I also think voters are mostly uninterested in having a sudden change of government right now due to the current foreign and domestic issues affecting the Empire.” MP and possible successor to Carmicheal, His Highness, Prince Augusto of Corcovado (I-OTED), disagrees. “For the record, no, I don’t think this Gov’t can survive; the political bickering has upscaled so high it is impossible to continue working.”

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