Carmicheal wins election critical to AAP

Crecy, Ibelin; Genevan Arrow – After a tough, crowded and hotly contested electoral race to succeed the recalled Lysander Spooner, Jean Carmicheal (Alexandrian Amelioration Party, AAP) won the election with a one-vote majority, winning back the Ibelin seat. Jean Carmicheal defeated two other candidates – Nicholas Bertrand of the new Liberal Alternative, and independent Maynard D’Aire.

The AAP had previously dominated the Ibelin seat for several parliaments,  thanks to Jacques de Beaufort and Paul Joyce. However, these leading AAP members left on LOA’s, and AAP dominance in Ibelin quickly eroded, allowing for the election of Lysander Spooner (FPA-ACP) as MP for Ibelin. Mr. Spooner faced off against Mr. Carmicheal in that election as well, and managed to defeat him after the election had gone national due to a tie at the provincial level.

This election victory could bring renewed vigor to the Alexandrian Amelioration Party, which recently suffered a major embarassment after leader and former Speaker Pete James suddenly abandoned Alexandria. However, the party’s political power in Parliament has eroded in Parliament, since now they only hold one seat in this body. The Federalist Party of Alexandria holds one seat (Valenciennes), and independent candidate holds the Baudrix seat and the Conservatives hold the Prime Ministry as well as Rio Grande, San Martin and the Overseas Territories.

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