FMF World Cup Week 1 ends

SVORGAS – This year’s FMF World Cup, the first since 2015, is underway in Senya as the Micras community comes together once more in it’s most popular international competition. Today marked the conclusion of the first week of the five-week tournament.

If there was one take away from the past week, it is that this year’s tournament will be marked by an unusually high goal scoring. A total of 64 goals were scored across the 16 matches played, including 8 between Natopia and Elwynn in their July 10th match. The week also included two 6 – 0 shutouts, as Craitland and Mercury dominated Gotzborg and Jingdao, respectively.

The result was particularly disappointing for Gotzborg, which finished at the top of its group with 14 goals-for during the qualifying round. It will attempt to recover when it plays next on July 17th; it faces Birgeshir, which it last played to a one-all draw in 2015. Jingdao, meanwhile, fell further back today in a scoreless draw with Nova England. It will seek its first win as a World Cup competitor on July 18th against the also winless Natopian team.

As the tournament moves into the second week, Lakkvia, Alexandria, Craitland and Mercury lead their respective groups with six points apiece.

Vyktory qualify for CiboTap 2016

Originally posted on The Vyktoryan Times.

After a 2-1 home victory against Steeria and Highfield, Vyktory secured their place in the CTFA’s continental tournament known as the CiboTap, which will be held in the middle of the year in Calbion.

After the final whistle blew, 500 lucky fans were allowed onto the pitch at Vyktory National Football Stadium in Jamestown to celebrate, while qualification parties were held at bars, pubs and nightclubs across the nation.

Vyktory’s qualification was the first qualification for a major international tournament in the nation’s history, narrowly missing out on the World Cup in Craitland last year after a 3-3 aggregate away goal loss to Flanders after an 89th minute screamer at home brought Flanders ahead, which spurred the spread of the “Screw Flanders” meme inside Vyktory.

His Royal Majesty James I was quoted by the media as being incredibly excited and proud of the nation and the team, as well as the footballing culture and skill that Vyktory was showing.

The matches Vyktory faced to qualify are listed below.

  1. Mancunia 0-1 Vyktory
  2. Vyktory 3-0 Nolland
  3. Steeria and Highfield 1-2 Vyktory
  4. Vyktory 4-0 Centralya
  5. Vyktory 1-1 Mancunia
  6. Nolland 1-3 Vyktory
  7. Vyktory 2-1 Steeria and Highfield

With just one match left to play, all eyes are on the Vyktoryan territory of Mancunia, who are just a single point above the fellow Galatians in Nolland, with Mancunia having a game in hand over Nolland ahead of the match between the two teams on May 18th.

Also qualifying for the CiboTap from their groups is Natopia from Group A and Zandarijn from Group D.

Gotzborg launches basketball league

COPRIETA – A basketball league is gearing up for its inaugural season in Gotzborg, marking the first organized national-level league in the micronation since the Gotzborg Baseball League of 2013.

The Gotzborg Basketball League, a virtual sports league created by basketball enthusiast Josh Wesloh, consists of twelve teams that will compete for four playoff berths. Wesloh has been busy organizing the league in the last two weeks, having held a ten-round draft while also designing team and stadium logos, along with finalizing team rosters.

“I hope to bring entertainment to the Kingdom and bring the Kingdom closer together,” said Wesloh, explaining his motivation in creating the league. While rivalries have yet to be formed, Wesloh suggests that fans keep a close eye on games between the Coprieta Royals and the Lonenberg Kings, who held the first- and second-overall draft picks, respectively.

The league is expected to launch its first season by September 15.

See below for a gallery of the team logos created by Wesloh.

Aremstadt Warriors
Aremstadt Warriors
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Gotzborg football clubs dominate AEFA

LONENBERG – The AEFA Champions League Cup final was a Gotzer affair as two of the micronation’s football clubs faced each other for domination of Micras’ Apollonian and Euran continents.

Entering the annual league as the third-seeded nation, Gotzborg’s three teams – Lonenberg FC, Schaffhausen FC and Eldeburgh FC – faced an uphill challenge against the dominant and more experienced group of football clubs fielded by Gerenia and Senya.

In the qualifying round, Schaffhausen FC squeezed out a 2-1 victory over Fort Kolgrad’s King’s Lynn Town FC in the first leg before dominating it 4-0 in the second leg to secure a berth in the group stage. Schaffhausen FC continued its dominant play as it subsequently advanced to the quarter-finals alongside Eldeburgh FC and Lonenberg FC.

With Lonenberg FC, the micronation’s senior association football club, having dropped both of its quarterfinal matches, Gotzborg’s hopes for victory lay with Schaffhausen FC and Eldeburgh FC. Neither club disappointed as Schaffhausen FC defeated its Gerenian rival, Isherwood CSSC, while Eldeburgh FC defeated Senya’s Svorgas Scitenhima FK in the semi-final round.

The Eldeburgh FC semi-final victory was unwelcomed by some Senyans, who were shut out of the final after winning it last year, with reports that Svorgas Scitenhima fans rioted and attacked Gotzer fans following the defeat to the dismay of team officials.

That controversy was quickly overshadowed by the all-Gotzer final. Schaffhausen FC, the underdog of all of the Gotzborg clubs fielded, completed a storied victory that saw it advance from the qualifying round to beating out Eldeburgh FC 2-1 in the final.

MSBA Snooker Championships enters second round

LUCERNE (CS) | Eleven out of the top 12 players made it through to the Second Round of the Mercury Snooker and Billiards Association’s Snooker Championships, with only May’s James Schofield falling at the first hurdle. Defending champion James Shepherd [1 seed] opened his campaign with breaks of 79, 93 and 114 on his way to a 6-1 win over Alan Towson.

Carl Jones [3] thrashed the unseeded Fred Blake 6-0, hitting three century breaks, including a 132 clearance on the way. Tae Sook-Nam [8] had a similarly easy run to the second round, defeating Tracy Charleston 6-0 and claiming the highest break of the round with a 140 clearance.

Alex Lyman [7] had a much closer contest against Nicholas Joliffe. Neither player had broken the deadlock by the end of the first session, as they were tied 3-3. Lyman managed to take the opening frame of the second session with an 82 break, but Joliffe pulled it square again in a safety battle. The game went down to a deciding frame as the players traded the 9th and 10th frames, and Joliffe went out in spectacular fashion, narrowly missing an attempted double, allowing Lyman the opportunity to clear the colours and take the win.

Craitish football team leaves Eastern Micras Union

CHERRY TREES (CS) | The four-time winner of the Fédération Micraise de Football (FMF) World Cup, the Craitish national football team, is to move from the expansive Eastern Micras Union Football Association to the smallest association, the Western Micras Football Association (WMFA), at the conclusion of the 2014 World Cup.

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