Chamber Stalled; Gotzborg in a Lull

Less than a month into its term, the first-ever-elected Chamber of Deputies in the Royal Kingdom of Gotzborg has found itself stalled on two pieces of legislation. With the President of the Chamber, John Cervantes, on leave to tend to personal issues macronationally, the Chamber has found itself unable to proceed with normal business in lieu of there not being an appointed Vice-President this session.

The Law Courts Bill, a major reforming piece of legislation for the judiciary put forward by Deputy Charles deMontford, has concluded debate, though no vote has been able to go forward for close to two weeks. Yet, the stall in the Chamber is not all on the shoulders of the President of the Chamber. Another bill, an amendment to the Banking Regulatory Act, has been open for debate since mid-February with no deputies providing comment. In fact, one deputy, Hugh O’Neill, has yet to make an appearance in the Chamber.

The Chamber was originally elected to enable major constitutional reforms that are yet to be drafted by the Royal Government. The lack of activity in the Chamber is also being experienced within the Royal Government and the nation itself. Both His Royal Majesty and the Royal Chancellor are unable to dedicate their regular attention to micronationalism at the moment due to macronational commitments; the story is being repeated through the remainder of the Royal Government, with Home Minister Thomas Maher and King’s Counsellor Liam Sinclair both experiencing time constraints macronationally.

The lull in Royal Government business, and perhaps even the nation itself, is expected to continue through the month of March, with hopes that April will hold some hope of a return to normalcy for the Kingdom.

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