Charges stemming from coup laid against leaders

On February 19/2003, Sirithil nos Fearnor and Philip Locke, the leaders of the terrorist coup launched last week, were charged by the Menelmacari Elentaran, Archetype23, with sabotage, attempting to take land without going through the proper channels and with pretending to be an Imperium official and sending false notices to other nations. The Imperium filed two motions with the Babkhan Supreme Court last week in which they requested that the Kingdom of Babkha extradite the two individuals, in effect, banning them from the Kingdom of Babkha’s forums. On February 23/2003, both motions were granted by Justice Bagarm of the Supreme Court.

Both Sirithil and Philip have refused to recognize the authority of the courts, which doesn’t really matter as the courts did not rule on whether or not they were guilty of the crimes specified by the Menelmacari Prefecture of Justice. Instead, the ruling was for extradition, which is totally within the power of the Babkhan Supreme Court when it comes to Babkhan national issues. The “You are banned from this community” screen both now receive when they try to visit Babkha echoes the power of the Supreme Court. It is unclear whether or not the Prefecture of Justice will pursue further extradition cases in other micronations.

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