Christmas Cards Abound

It’s quickly approaching that festive time of the year for most micronationalists and several nations have undertaken Christmas card mailings to mark the occasion.

This year’s card drive originated with the Kingdom of Hanover which is conducting its annual such distribution. According to Hanover’s King Alexander, the goal for this year is to send micronationalists more cards “than in all the previous years combined.” As of publication of this article, Alexander has reported that that goal is likely to be met.

Also in the festive spirit is the Kingdom of Gosling which will be undertaking the gesture for the first time. In addition to a card from Gosling, the recipient will also receive a custom Gosling stamp affixed to the envelope. Unfortunately, due to distribution limitations, the Gosling cards are only able to be sent to those who are residents of the United Kingdom macronationally.

Elsewhere, micronational governments are winding down for the holiday season. In Gotzborg, ministers have begun their Christmas vacations, or will do so within the next week. It is expected that Royal Government operations will resume at regular levels by the second week of January at the latest.

The Standard does not intend to publish from December 19 until January 3 unless unforeseen major events require news coverage. To all readers, have a safe and happy holiday season, and please, if you do intend to drink, don’t drive.

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