Christmas Message from HRM August Charles II and HRM Caroline


December 20th, 2006

Greetings to citizens and foreign visitors alike!

On behalf of myself and the Queen, let me first extend our approval on what has been another banner year for our Kingdom. So much has happened in all areas that one can hardly resist being continually amazed as the dynamics involved in this world of ours. Each person who takes the time to make the committment to the world, whether in Gotzborg or elsewhere chooses to engage in what is the most open and free-form expression of creativity and individualism not seen anywhere else or in anything.

Let us not forget the foreign spheres of micronationalism from which other whole worlds exist. We often forget about those Kingdoms, Republics and Empires which exist soley in French, Spanish, Portugese, Polish and on. Each year we work towards trying to bridge those chasms of language, and somewhat every year we make some progress.

On behalf of the Royal Family of Gotzborg let us both extend to everyone our sincerest best wishes for this holiday season, no matter what your beliefs or spiritual course, political alignment or motivation. To everyone who reads this, I encourage you to step back and appreciate the time and efforts invested in the world, we all contribute to that.

And to the real world I wish peace and recovery in these troubled and dysfunctional times, I wish for cool heads of reason and reality to persevere where possible and I wish the best for those who fight for us in far off lands against enemies who will not stop.

I am proud to be a Gotzborger, and proud of our community, our society and our family. With little concern for those obstacles we have yet to face in the New Year, I know our community/family/team/friends will all be working towards the same goal, as it has been since the beginning. The pursuit of happiness and fulfillment through creative expression, and personal interaction.

Merry Christmas and Seasons Best Wishes to everyone!


HRM August Charles II,
King of Gotzborg

HRM Caroline,
Queen of Gotzborg

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