Ciervo wins Prime Ministry, end of Conservative Revolution

Geneva, Alexandria; ABCC News – The Conservative Revolution, begun in part by the likes of Sofia de Aragon and Jacques Gordon and which led to the establishment of the current Constitution, has been ended by Alexandrian voters who elected Juan Ciervo of the People’s Democratic Party with 54.5% (6 votes) of the vote. Incumbent Prime Minister Jose Frias only obtained 45.5% (5 votes) of the vote in one of the closest Prime Ministerial elections in Alexandria’s history.

The results were certified today by His Imperial Majesty, who published an Imperial Statement confirming Mssr. Ciervo’s win. As this article went to press, no candidate had made a comment on the election results.

Mssr. Ciervo’s razor-thin electoral victory may have spelled the end for Conservative dominance of Alexandria’s government. The Alexandrian Conservative Party has dominated the Prime Ministry since the ratification of the Alexandrian Constitution of 2005 last December. The last parliamentary election, held in October, were disastrous for the Conservatives who lost their supermajority in Parliament. Because the Prime Minister is also a member of Parliament, this was another resounding blow to the Conservative’s shrinking membership in Parliament.

It is still not clear what is the agenda on Mssr. Ciervo’s mind. During the campaign, he was the only candidate not to release a comprehensive manifesto.

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