Ciervo’s Interior appointment meeting opposition in Parliament

Geneva, Alexandria; ABCC News – In what seems the end of newly elected Prime Minister Juan Ciervos’ political honeymoon, the Imperial Parliament has so far rejected the Prime Minister’s appointment of Jean Pierre Robespierre to the Ministry of Interior. Jean Pierre Robespierre was formerly a member of the Alexandrian Conservative Party and served as Minister of Interior under the Frias administration.

Former Prime Minister Jose Frias, now an MP from Rio Grande, and Jacques de Beaufort, MP from Ibelin, have both set up opposition to Robespierre’s appointment. Responding to the mounting opposition to Robespierre, Robespierre commented “Ok… what is up with the whole vote Robespierre out of office deal?”

The Ciervo Cabinet will include Jose Frias as Minister of Economics, Prince Augusto Benavides as Minister of Foreign Affairs. The Prime Minister has not submitted a candidate for the Ministry of Defense as of yet.

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