Colonial Leaders Demand a House of Governors

Three colonial leaders yesterday demanded that an upper house of the Amerada legislature be created where the governors shall sit as a type of senate. The request stems from the illegal trial of William Steeves. The legislature, who was to try him today, was evidently biased against Steeves and this gave more reason to having an upper house that would act impartial.

The leader of the crusade is New Columbia Governor Peter Little. With him are Liam Sinclair, Governor of Tebec, and Nick Bridgewater, governor of Oh Scotia. The request is likely to be turned down as the Amerada legislature does not wish to have an upper house or to have the governors of the Amerada colonies in any place to bargain or to criticize the laws and actions of the legislature.

On a related note, Governor Bridgewater called for a constitution for Amerada to be made. All governors and legislative officials in Amerada should be apart of the negotiations and the constitution should reflect the opinions of all people of Amerada, not just President Washburn and his people in the legislature.

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