Commonwealth Cup Raises Ire in Babkha

Announcing the inauguration of the Commonwealth Cup, a football (soccer) tournament, the Grand Commonwealth’s Taoiseach, Iain de Vembria, has raised anger in the Kingdom of Babkha over his inclusion of that micronation as a party to the tournament. De Vembria continues to maintain, in the face of widespread recognition of Babkha’s independence from the organization, that the Kingdom remains a formal member of the Commonwealth.

Inaugurated on August 31, the tournament features matches between four ‘member’ states of the Grand Commonwealth: Babkha, Treithar, Oscland, and Karnali. This roster, proclaimed by de Vembria, is seen by some as an attempt to ignore the successful independence movements of last month in all micronations but Karnali. De Vembria, who is currently on vacation, ordered prior to his departure that the Grand Commonwealth Chancellor of Sport and Justice “ensure that more than one team takes part.” That Chancellor is the original developer of the script, Darius Rugahi.

Rolled out nearly two years after its was developed for a unified Grand Commonwealth, the tournament is viewed by some in Babkha as a mere attempt to undermine its independence through something as innocent as a sports tournament. According to an unnamed Babkhan government source, Babkha has found itself torn between wanting to appreciate Rugahi (a Babkhan) and his hard development work two years ago, and being forced to ignore that hard work due to the antics of de Vembria. As for Rugahi, sources state that he has attempted to convince de Vembria to rename the tournament to the “ex-Commonwealth Cup,” to reflect the independence of the three former members; yet, this effort has proven unsuccessful to date.

Meanwhile, despite the stringent orders to Rugahi to make the Commonwealth Cup a success, originally scheduled games have yet to be played for the two-day tournament.

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