Community Hub Exits Ezboard

Almost five years since its formation, and consequent rise to the status of community hub for the Anglophone micronational sector, has moved its forums from Ezboard to its wholly-owned hosting package at

Once the dominant provider of forum services to the Anglophone community, hosting virtually all of the major micronations and micronational services, Ezboard has since fallen from grace due to impromptu downtimes, and as recently as June 2005, a hacker attack which deleted millions of discussion board archives, including those of micronations. The exit of, under planning by the ownership of the central micronational service on the Internet for the past year, was executed on December 8 after much anticipation.

The new location of the forums, with all posts and usernames from the old Ezboard having been moved, is now online. If you are a member of the forums and would like to access your Ezboard user name, contact any member of the administrative team to receive a temporary password to the desired account.

Also launched this week by is a new micronational directory, inspired by the now-defunct directory of With its Fifth Anniversary approaching in the New Year, has informed the general public to expect other, yet-to-be-specified, service expansions.

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