Concerns of Low Participation Dog Elections

Two micronations with wide-ranging elections this month are facing an uncertain future in their legislatures as activity levels in each micronation produce little response to calls for nominations.

In the Empire of the Alexandrians, calls for nominations for the October Parliamentary Elections, close on the tenth of the month, with just four names having been put forth to date. In contrast, the Alexandrian Imperial Parliament consists of seven seats, though one of these seats is held by the Prime Minister, who will be elected in a separate election this month. Speaking with the Alexandrian Broadcasting Corporation, Emperor Edgard II called on Alexandrians to “remain committed and participate in a democracy [by putting their name in for a nomination].”

Meanwhile, in the Virtual Commonwealth of Cyberia, a micronation long affiliated with partisan elections, a new take on elections is occurring. With its two historic political parties, the People’s Futurist Party and the Social Democratic Party, having been dissolved, Cyberia will face its first election in which all candidates will run as independents. Jack Santucci, a prominent member of the former Social Democratic Party, noted that as the Cyberian STV voting system is candidate-based, voting for party lists has become an obsolete practice. He notes that the move away from the old partisan system is “the beginning of [a new political structure]” in the micronation. However, this month’s elections have not been promising. With voters due to go to the polls on the fourteenth of the month, there have only been two nominations for the five-member National Assembly and one for the presidency, all-but-ensuring that Cyberia’s first non-partisan election will be one of acclamation.

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