Conference on the Coralian issue opens, Madland to assist

Geneva, Madland; MBCC News – President Gasgan of the Democratic People’s Republic of Coralia has agreed to sit down in a conference with the Royal Chancellor Edgard Carrillo of the Grand Duchy of Coralia to discuss a solution to the Coralian issue. The Conference on Coralia, hosted in Ezboard(, has already born fruit, both sides have agreed to enter into a cease-fire/non-aggression accord to make sure these negotiations go smoothly. So far, the Red Antilles have opened their delegation offices, eager to participate in the Conference.

His Imperial Majesty shall appoint a representative to represent Madland in the Conference on Coralia, since he is representing the Grand Duchy. The Emperor has not made any statements yet regarding his plans on a nominee. This nominee will probably have to be approved by the Estates-General.

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