Confusion reigns on New Victoria future

HUB.MN (CS) – Having ironically gone offline due to mysterious technical problems with their web host just prior to winning the Most Promising Micronation FNORD Award for 2012, confusion on the micronation’s future continues to grip the Micras community as the monarch has been ousted for wanting to bring the micronation back online.

When New Victoria’s King Charles re-appeared in the community on January 11, he cautioned that the web hosting issues had “the more conservative [Members of Parliament] riled up, some of whom feel that our nation was more efficient offline … there is a very real possibility that [the nation] will be made to be offline states.” Despite the caution, several members of the Micras community welcomed New Victoria back into the fold, expressing relief that its hosting issues had not perturbed its leadership from the online micronational world.

By January 20, a surprising turn of events in the micronation had lead to the pro-offline faction taking command of a vote on the Offline Act, which received unanimous support amongst parliamentarians. That Act, assented to by King Charles, dictated that the micronation would maintain no Internet presence and that any citizen unable to assemble in person would have their status revoked. The community’s reaction to the law was stinging, with several individuals evidently feeling betrayed. Said Craitman Pellegrino in reaction, “How ridiculously disappointing,” while Shireroth’s Vilhelm von Benkern quipped, “How about a re-vote on most promising micronation?” Joe Foxon, the President of Mercury, was even more blunt, “Maybe next year we can have an award for ‘dick-move of the year’”.

That condemnation by the community forced King Charles to repeal the Offline Act later that day, deeming it as unconstitutional. Yet no sooner than two days later, the situation in New Victoria had once again reversed to the confusion of the Micras community. In another apologetic announcement on January 22, Charles announced that Parliament “now unilaterally accuses me of interference … [and] disregarding the Constitution which I took an oath to protect.” It was thus that the Parliament declared that the demise of the Crown, allowing it to remove Charles as King in favour of his brother, George.

With the change in leadership in New Victoria, its removal from online micronationalism is moving forward as the destruction of the website, still offline due to technical difficulties, has been ordered. It appears unlikely that the sole remaining pro-online New Victorian, Charles, will succeed in any further attempts to reverse the decision or indeed to reclaim his crown.

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