Conservative Rally marks Anniversary

At a rally led by Matthieu Poiters yesterday, the Alexandrian Conservative Party celebrated the birth of the conservative movement in that well-established micronation. A former Prime Minister, Poiters thanked the Alexandrian Crown for its support of all political parties and the citizens who have supported the Conservative Party.

Founded in July 2005, making it the oldest political party in the micronation, the Conservative Party largely consists of two main factions: the One Nation Conservatives, led by Poiters, and the Friasite Wing led by Jose Frias. The former is noted for its support of the Novasolum Pact, despite the rough relationship between Alexandria and Anthelia, whereas the Friasites openly campaigned for Alexandria’s withdrawal from that regional micronational community.

Holding the office of the prime minister for the majority of the micronation’s government history, the Conservative Party has since fallen from the immense popularity it garnered for much of its two-year existence. The Party has not successfully won a prime ministerial election since June 2006 (elections for the position are held every four months in Alexandria) and has been unable to repeat its commanding majorities in the Imperial Parliament gained during the April and July 2006 elections.

Yet, with this latest rally there is hope that the Conservative Party can break out of its long-winded slump and regain the support of Alexandria’s population. In the Imperial Parliament, which is currently organizing for its seventh-sitting, Poiters has been named the minority leader and will aim to reign in the popular Alexandrian Anti-Party that holds both a majority in the Parliament as well as the prime minister’s office.

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