Conservatives win massive majority in Alexandrian Parliament

Geneva, Alexandria; Genevan Arrow – The 4th Alexandrian Parliament is flooded with the blues today as it opens after the elections last week. The Alexandrian Conservatives, whose party color is blue, have won a stunning majority in these last elections – a grand total of 71.4% of the seats in Parliament, or 5 seats. The Conservatives now hold the largest majority ever achieved in the history of the current Imperial Parliament. The People’s Democratic Party, affected by the loss of Pete James as its leader, gained no seats. The new movement started by Pete James, called the Alexandrian Anti-Party, won the seat from Valenciennes. The Non-Partisan Association was phased out after months of inactivity. The 4th Imperial Parliament is set to open today.

“We pledge to get things done – for the people of this great nation of ours,” said newly-elected Prime Minister Jose Frias today in a public release regarding the opening of Parliament.

In the Throne Speech, His Imperial Majesty, reading the speech written by Prime Minister Jose Frias, said that “This election gave us the necessary mandate from the people to pursue a more intense course of reform aimed at making Alexandria stronger and free. Democracy will keep moving forward.” The Conservative Party plans to unveil a massive constitutional reform scheme to allow terms for Parliament and Prime Minister to be extended, among dozens of other different proposals aimed at reforming the nation’s government, which form part of the Conservative Contract with Alexandria. The Throne Speech did not outline a specific path to relieve the economic woes that Alexandria is facing, other than the Government’s desire to “pursue economic policies which entrench stability and promote long-term growth and prosperity”.

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