Consortium of Members Claim No Confidence in GSO

A group of member nations in the Geographical Standards Organization, led by Guido Zambelis, has launched an effort to have non-confidence declared in GSO President Benjamin Gray, as well as his fellow directors, Extreme of Karnali and Emperor Harald of Stormark. The non-confidence motion was not unexpected, given that the GSO has managed to produce only two updates to its world map (known as “Geiss”) since it was founded in August 2006; one such update, released last week, was not the work of the GSO itself, but instead of volunteer King Jeremy of New Britannia.

The first effort, launched earlier today, was rejected by Extreme on the basis that the motion attempted to declare no confidence in Gray as a member of the Design Committee, of which he is not a member. In that effort, seven member nations expressed their support for ridding the organization of its first, and to-date only, President of the Board. Lachlan Powers, a former director with the embattled organization and one of the two intellectual property holders of the GSO map, chastised Extreme, noting that “no reasoning at all is required for submitting a motion of no-confidence … it is not up to you Extreme to say what is and isn’t a valid reason, or to stop General Assembly motions.”

The newest motion, directed against the entire Board, has been done so on the basis that the Board has failed to “do anything with regards [to the GSO map]” and for failure to comply with “Rule 2” of GSO regulations. Rule 2 governs the production of the world map and the duties of the GSO Design Committee. Extreme overstepping his authority by closing the original non-confidence discussion of the General Assembly is a further justification for the non-confidence motion. A fourth reason, which appears personal in nature, criticizes the Board for failing to thank King Jeremy for his initiative in updating the map in lieu of the Design Committee failing to perform its role in that regard.

A total of two-thirds of the GSO members are required to support the motion for it to be adopted. The vote is currently split with the nations of origin of, or friendly to, the current Board of Directors opposing it, while the largely Lovely-descended members being in favour.

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