Contentious Act Provokes Strong Emotions

The Alexandrian Commitment Act, which aims to limit those Alexandrians who are qualified for run for the position of Prime Minister in national elections, has caused some ire in the Imperial Parliament as opposition Members of Parliament and the Prime Minister face off.

Prime Minister Pete James called the bill a “shambles which I shall [not] allow to be passed,” given that the act prevents persons who are heads of government or heads of state in other micronations from holding the position of prime minister. Mr. James is such a person as he currently is the head of state of the micronation of Kataria. According to Mr. James, the bill was drafted in an attempt to prevent him from running for the prime ministry in the last election; however, the bill did not make it through the parliamentary process in time. Another high-ranking member of the Imperial Government echoed to the Standard that this was indeed the prime motivator of the bill. According to the Prime Minister, the ability to elect who they please into the position of prime minister is a fundamental democratic right of the Alexandrian people, and the Conservative Party is attempting usurp this right.

The Conservative Party, the main proponents of the bill, have dismissed Mr. James’ claims that they are playing partisanship politics by dabbling with the future of Alexandria and the democratic rights of its citizens. Jose Frias accused the Prime Minister of hypocrisy, noting that those who run for the position of prime minister should be “committed and devoted 100% to the Empire they are set to govern. No distractions, no nonsense.” Mr. Frias charged that if Mr. James’ did not have so many intermicronational commitments, “he could actually provide a platform or an agenda on what he aims to do as Prime Minister.”

Fellow Amelioration Party Member of Parliament, Andelarion, defended the Prime Minister, noting that the number of other micronations where a prime minister holds a governing position has nothing to do with his Alexandrian performance. Instead, the performance is directly contingent on how dedicated the prime minister is to Alexandria in his own spirit. “A prime minister could be a ruler of ten micronations, and still focus a lot more on Alexandria than a prime minister who solely is Alexandrian,” he stated.

Conservative Member of Parliament, Matthieu Poiters, is open to the idea of reviewing the bill’s requirement that an Alexandrian prime minister not be a head of government or state elsewhere. Mr. Poiters proposed that Parliament have the ability to allow a person in such circumstances to stand for election, while reiterating his support for the bill as a means to block opportunists who may not have the most genuine interests from standing for election.

In the meantime, the war of words between Mr. Frias and Mr. James continues in the Imperial Parliament.

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