Conway calls it quits, Nova Roma gone

Long time micronationalist and founder of the Imperium of Nova Roma, has once again called it quits in micronationalism, according to Babkhan Shah Tahmesab. The Shah further said that Conway told him directly, that the end of his micronational participation and Nova Roma is in no way connected to the recent attacks by Anarchy 21 against the Imperium.

Conway apparently deleted Nova Roma so that any future attempts to continue “his work” could not drag him back into micronationalism as it did this time. Also destroyed are the MACH forums, along with any other connection to Conway. Conway has not left a formal statement anywhere at this time, with the statement by Babkha’s Shah being the only reference to the demise of Nova Roma. The Atteran Imperial Government expresses regret at the decision, seeing as just days ago it ratified a treaty with Nova Roma for friendship and mutual recognition, but the Government respects the decision of Mr. Conway.

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