Coralia: Coup d’etat in process to overthrow Ozarka

Rathoma, Coralia; MBCC News World Service – Royal Chancellor Edgard Carrillo, in response to calls for the current Grand Duke of Coralia, Ozarka I, to step down, has launched a coup d’etat to oust the Grand Duke and reform the country. In a short speech, he said, “We must all rally together under the flag of a united and better Coralia. Not under the flags and banners of individual little factions. We must revitalize Coralia!”

So far, no one has responded to the coup d’etat that Royal Chancellor Carrillo has called. In his speech he proposed the calling of a national referendum on the government style of Coralia in order to draft a constitution based on the wishes of the people. The Party for Constitutional Rights has given itself a make over and changed to the Social-Republican Nationalist Party of Coralia (SRNPC) and is calling for the establishment of a Coralian Republic.

So far, the Reform Party of Coralia has not issued an official statement like the other parties regarding the issues currently facing Coralia.

This comes in the midst of an all-time low participation count in Coralia after the accession of Ozarka I to the Coralian throne.

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