Coralia: Last minute regime change as elections conclude

Rathoma, Coralia; MBCC World Service – In a last minute development in the Grand Duchy of Coralia, the Grand Duke of such nation, Gasgan VI decided to suddenly turn Coralia into a socialist state. This comes just a few hours after Edgard Carrillo and the RPC were swept into power in Coralia in elections supervised by a International Commission.

In response to this last minute regime change, Carrillo resigned to all of his positions in Coralia and vowed to abandon it, except for diplomatic relations between Madland and Coralia and the MBCC World Service offices. “I really had lots of plans for Coralia. How could you go ahead and do that just because you so please? I’m apalled,” said Chancellor Carrillo enraged to the Grand Duke. Gasgan did not accept Carrillo’s resignation.

The new Coralia has been set up as the Democratic People’s Republic of Coralia (DPRC) in new forums. Talks between the former Grand Duke, or General Secretary and Royal Chancellor Carrillo are on the way to fix the situation in Coralia.

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