Coralia: The RPC, Carrillo win the elections

Rathoma, Coralia; MBCC World Service – In one of its biggest, most contested elections yet, the Grand Duchy of Coralia has elected Edgard Carrillo as its Royal Chancellor and his party, the Reform Party of Coralia, has won the majority in the Chamber of Deputies. Upon hearing of his victory, Carrillo organized a huge rally in downtown Rathoma, attended by many of his supporters. “We will bring Coralia into a new era of progress! We will continue the reforms and make Coralia a great nation!,” said Carrillo in the rally. At the beginning this victory was practically unfathomable, the Trascendentalist Liberation Party (TLP) had captured a great piece of the votes early in the election. The remaining parties, the RPC and the Party for Constitutional Rights (PCR) scrambled for more votes as the TLP’s leader Claude du Torchon gained in the polls.

But towards the end, the RPC’s campaigns in Coralia and its large party membership came forward to support the party and voted for Carrillo as Chancellor. Carrillo took an amazing 62% of the vote, and the RPC took an equally amazing 57% of the vote in the Chamber of Deputies. The PCR remained behind with 14% in the Chamber and 12% for Reza Pahlavishah, its Royal Chancellor candidate. The TLP came closest to the RPC with 25% of the vote for its candidate for Royal Chancellor, Claude du Torchon, and with 28% for the Chamber.

Chancellor Carrillo is set to make a speech to the Chamber of Deptuies outlining his plans for his tenure as Royal Chancellor. Meanwhile, an RPC party convention is being planned to design a set of legislative plans for the party.

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