Craitish football team leaves Eastern Micras Union

CHERRY TREES (CS) | The four-time winner of the Fédération Micraise de Football (FMF) World Cup, the Craitish national football team, is to move from the expansive Eastern Micras Union Football Association to the smallest association, the Western Micras Football Association (WMFA), at the conclusion of the 2014 World Cup.

The association switch was endorsed by FMF President, and the head of the Craitland football programme, Craitman Pellegrino. In explaining the purpose of the move, Pellegrino noted the lack of any significant territorial holdings by the micronation on the Micras continent of Keltia, which the Eastern Micras Union represents. “Craitland … decided to align their team with the short-in numbers WMFA,” said Pellegrino, given that it only consists of nine teams at present.

The famed and proven Craitish team is widely expected to dominate its new association, though it will face a strong rival in former World Cup winner Tellia.

The move, part of a number of structural changes which were announced by FMF Vice-President Joe Foxon on March 17, will take effect on September 1.

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