Crimson Order Espionage Plans Exposed

The infamous Atteran Crimson Order, a secretive espionage society (though it was an electronic warfare society in its early days), has had its plans to infiltrate the micronation of Karnali exposed.

In undated transcripts obtained by the RIMA Journal, the Order is found to be discussing actively infiltrating Karnali with the object of gaining power in that micronation and removing it from the Grand Commonwealth, which it officially joined earlier this year. The architect of the scheme, Atteran Emperor Mik’el Tzion, legitimized his plan on the basis that Karnali is not a signatory to the, now defunct, Scheheradze Convention on Micronational Warfare, and thus can be a target of Atteran aggression.

In his plan, Tzion wished to send in one operative to infiltrate Karnali initially, with intent to send in additional operatives at regularly weekly intervals, with those operatives being “friends” recruiting by the initial agent. Once enough agents obtained citizenship and positions in Karnali, they would collectively “vote Extreme out of any positions of power” (Extreme being the most prominent Karnalian and the leader of that micronation).

With Extreme out of power, the operatives would draft the necessary documents for Karnali to be annexed by the Atteran Empire, with Karnali being divided up into fiefdom rewards for Attera’s highest ranking nobles and operatives in the infiltration.

The operation, which was to culminate in the second week of August (though it never started due to various factors according to our source), was widely supported by the Klosso government, though the Prime Minister preferred that Karnali, after coming under the control of the Atteran infiltrators, be abandoned and allowed to die, so as to protect the Atteran political image. Antica’s representative in the secretive organization, Dinarch Delphi Augustus, also disagreed with Emperor Tzion on the fate of Karnali after the Atteran takeover, citing that it would be wiser for the Crimson Order to retain control of the tiny micronation as a way to gain power within the structure of the Grand Commonwealth, effectively allowing the SPEAR Alliance to destabilize its enemy from within.

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