Cyberian President: “I will not deport Jacobus”

Responding to accusations that he is soft on Jacobite ‘terrorists’, Virtual Commonwealth of Cyberia President Zach Anderson, who has been widely criticized for his approach to the Jacobite issue, has stated that he will not deport Jacobites and that he intends to issue a pardon. The proposal is controversial in a micronation that has long been in conflict with the Jacobite Federal Republic of Cyberia, and whose population is widely distrustful of Jacobite pledges of peace.

The controversial pardon proposal would nullify current deportation orders in place against Jacobites in the Virtual Commonwealth. Any such pardon would be a significant development in the ongoing Federal Republic vs. Virtual Commonwealth dispute as to which state is the legitimate continuation of the Cyberia micronation, founded in 1997. According to President Anderson, the move would not “in any way recognize the [Federal Republic],” and is the best course of action to place the half-decade long conflict behind both parties. Further disputes between long-standing Virtual Commonwealth Cyberians and Jacobus Kahunamea of the Federal Republic would be required to occur via private discussions away from the Virtual Commonwealth forums that have been swamped with insults between the two parties for recent memory.

Mr. Anderson, who is in a unique position of being the first Cyberian President with no direct experience in the ongoing conflict, has made several enemies on the issue, including veteran citizens, and former presidents, Jack Santucci and Michael Fors. Mr. Santucci, upon the return of Mr. Anderson from his leave of absence, demanded that the president “stop fixating on peace with a terrorist, and deport him.” Mr. Fors, in the National Assembly, has asked whether the president believes it is acceptable to ignore current deportation orders and allow Jacobus freedom on the Virtual Commonwealth forums.

In lieu of focusing on dealing with the ongoing conflict, should his plan be accepted and produce the desired results, Mr. Anderson has laid out several policy initiatives, including the streamlining of the highly-bureaucratic and arguably-inefficient Virtual Commonwealth government system through a review of the micronation’s constitution. The President also expressed his desire to reinvigorate his micronation’s former simulations and economy.

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