Deposed Atteran Emperor to Cooperate with New Rulers

After serious considerations between himself and HIH Princess Marie, deposed Atteran Emperor Mik’el Tzion has announced that he will cooperate with the new co-regents of Attera and withdraw any claims to the Atteran imperial throne, in favour of allowing his daughter, Empress Jihan I, to act as the Attera Empire’s ceremonial head of state.

Noting that the coup against his rule did cause him anger, Tzion also noted that he could not retain harsh feelings towards people he considers “friends and longtime confidants” and also stated that the coup was a “relief” given that macronational issues, such as his upcoming return to Iraq with the United States Army, have prevented his active participation in the micronation he helped co-found and lead for the past twenty-six years.

Tzion did have some words to say about the legitimacy of the reasons used to justify the coup, citing that when it was drafted, the controversial Fifth Crimson Constitution, which severely limited the operation of the state to the Emperor, received no opposition from officials such as the Prime Minister and the Imperial High Judge. Feeling that it was extreme to blame the recent decline in the Atteran Empire solely upon himself, Tzion called on all Atterans involved in the operation of that micronation to take on their fair share of the responsibility.

Having taken under consideration the advice of former Atteran Prime Minister Liam Sinclair that “we [older] micronationalists must step aside so that the younger may move forward,” Tzion will leave the throne for a quiet private life in Attera. He has not, however, ruled out a return to politics and has asked the co-regents to not stack the new constitution against his possible return to the government in the future due to his actions in the past.

Tzion, whose current moniker was taken upon his acension to the Solomonic Throne in December 2003, has now reverted to his traditional micronational moniker of “HIH Diga Makonnen IV”.

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