Detipeg Free Press Interview with Earl Washburn


Amerada has been suffering from inactivity lately and a partner of the MFP in the Amerada Associated Press, the DFP, decided to interview the President of Amerada to see his views on the current state of Micro-Monde and Amerada itself. The interview took place last week as a partnership between the MFP and DFP, and due it its extreme length, I’ll paraphrase it in this article; the interviewing reporter was Nick Bridgewater.

One of the first questions dealt with the inactivity plaguing Amerada. President Washburn claims that Amerada is a booming micronation and will never die. However, from the recent online activity both before and after the interview, I find it hard to believe that activity will increase “ten fold” as the president said. We also took the opportunity to get Mr. Washburn’s views on the UBR joining Tymaria. He said that that plan had been stopped since he convinced the President of the UBR to work on his nation to make it more active – we have yet to see any results from that either.

Mr. Washburn faced a common question from us about Amerada’s standing among the more popular nations and hardcore micronationalists from places like Tymaria – who think that Amerada is a farce. The President responded by stating that Amerada is not a micronation, in the sense that most nations are. He said that it is a very unique nation and that if it helps, you can say Amerada is not a micronation. Some critics say that Amerada’s uniqueness is its corruption and unfairness. In Amerada, elections are every four years. Email elections, the most flawless way of conducting elections, are outlawed and the opposition is severely restricted. The Opposition has just one seat of the ten in the house and only because elements of the DLPA decided not to rig the last election poll like they did with previous polls. President Washburn slammed these critics saying that the federal by-election that saw Nick Bridgewater elected to the Legislature was completely fair. He also went on to state that if he wanted the DLPA to win, he, “would have rigged the polls in favour of the DLPA.” Is this the face of true democracy? You decide.

Ever since the Micro-Monde incident with Tymaria months ago, MM has been losing credibility and potential members, including some current members who have fled to the far better managed Micron world map project. Earl Washburn’s action of declaring war on South Mondesia because it joined Micras has created fear in the other MM nations who believe that if they leave, Earl will retaliate against them. Earl, in this interview, claimed that he has not done anything to cause the current inactivity with the MM project. What world has he been living in? It is clear that his actions against South Mondesia have given potential member nations the view that MM is Earl’s Private Empire and they have decided to stay out of it.

DFP Reporter: “So what of the threats to remove opposition members (such as Pete Little), unlawful treason trials, attacks on opposition newspapers, attempts to give yourself a bazillion votes and vicious insults of some Ameradians (notably the perverted remarks about Pete Little)?
Earl Washburn: I never wanted to remove anyone; the treason trials were within the law; I never attacked any papers; I never gave myself a bazillion votes and I am sorry about those insults, I was joking and angry.

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