Devonian Prime Minister Announces “10 Promises, 10 Commandments”

Michael Dervin, the new Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Devonia, has announced his policy platform in what is being billed as his “10 Promises, 10 Commandments” commitment. The platform is part of the Prime Minister’s intention to lead Devonia into a “new … era of sustained and fruitful growth … of activity and growth … [and] of friendship and happiness … an era which the history books shall note as the Golden Era.”

Among his ten policy issues are commitments to increase the national population by 150% while ensuring “apt” immigration controls, and to allow only competent citizens to received ministerial appointments. Current government ministries will also be reviewed and restructured and the role and duties of each ministry and minister enshrined in national law. He will also aim to promote Devonia on the intermicronational stage with advertisements on the Internet, an expanded national website, and the acquisition of membership in intermicronational organizations such as the League of Secessionist States. The Prime Minister has also committed to the creation of political parties and national elections as well as greater rights and support mechanisms for the citizenry.

Mr. Dervin admits that his goals will require significant work on the part of all Devonians. However, he remained optimistic noting that “if we (Devonians) continue to pour our best efforts into this sculpting of our nation, then in time, we will create something beautiful, lasting, and people will gaze upon us with awe, other nations with envy, and we will be proud of ourselves.”

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