Disaster Averted with Tymaria

Today, President Washburn signed the Peace treaty with Tymaria that removed Interland from Micro-Monde. The conflict began when President Washburn threatened to annex Interland if the rest of Tymaria refused to join Micro-Monde. After a tense few days, the situation was brought to an end with a treaty proposed by the Tymarian Minister of Defence, Marshal Diga Makonnen. There was much anger by the opposition parties in Amerada towards Pres. Washburn for almost getting Amerada into a war it could not win.

Governor Liam Sinclair was the most critical of the actions undertaken by President Washburn. Governor Sinclair is a citizen of Interland and the Marshal of the Tymarian Army – Tymaria is the Governor’s primary micronation. Governor Sinclair is also critical of the President for inviting Yuri Andropov, aka Koba, into Amerada as Mr. Andropov is viewed as an outlaw and is largely not trusted in the micronational world despite his “glory” days as the leader of Interland when it was independent. President Washburn retracted the invite after seeing what other people thought of Mr. Andropov on other micronational Ezboards.

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