Discussions open on Future of Gotzborg Colonies

The Governor of Gotzborg’s Royal Colony of Ansbach, Charles deMontford, has engaged his superiors in the Home Office in discussions relating to the future of the nation’s colonies. At current, Gotzborg boasts two colonies: Ansbach and Lusatia.

The colonies right now are in early stages of development as each governor has only taken office this year and both are the first truly active and interested persons to hold the positions since the formation of the two colonies last year. Both are currently at a critical stage in their development as defence issues rank amongst the top concerns of the colonists – in Ansbach, military forces are engaged in conflict with the local primitive indigenous peoples, while in Lusatia, the Royal Navy is on heightened alert over ongoing tensions between Paulovia and the Grand Commonwealth over Nea Hestia.

In October, the Coprieta Standard dispatched a communiqué to each governor asking for their opinion on greater control for the colonies over their own governance. Governor-General Blake Palacio, Lusatia, aptly notes that “the governor of a colony is [His Royal Majesty’s] voice in the region … [but because of the isolation of the colonies] it is imperative that a colony be nearly self-sufficient in order for it to survive in times of great peril.” Governor deMontford stated that colonial administrations are the “most in touch with the problems of the Colonies … [but] the [Royal] Government should definitely retain an amount of control” in the administration. Both governors essentially emulate that their administrations should be in charge of the day-to-day affairs of running the colony, and that the Royal Government must retain some control in areas such as defence.

Back at the Home Office, Governor deMontford solicited answers to several questions involving whether the Royal Government will devise targets for the colonies to meet, provide regular funding, and if there are any plans for new colonies in the future. The Vice-Minister for Colonies and Overseas Possessions, Liam Sinclair, stated that “the setting of targets for each colony is the realm of the governor and his staff,” reassuring the governors that if they require assistance in achieving any target goals, the Home Office would be available. The Vice-Minister also noted that both colonies have received operating grants in the amount of GTh 20,000.00 each to date, and that any future grants would be considered only if the governor provided a spending plan and allowed the Home Office to review the colonies’ accounting books.

A point of contention in Ansbach remains the unavailability of a time frame for when the Gotzborg National Railway will expand to serve the colony. Railway manager Thomas Maher moved to alleviate concerns noting that “a date has been set [for] the final design phase, along with a period of construction, for the first route (Lonenberg to Bellelay). Other routes should follow quickly after.” The prime consultant for the engineering design of the Lonenberg to Bellelay route, Montin Engineering Consultants (Gotz) Ltd, did provide a warning that, due to macronational engineering commitments, a contingency plan will be provided to the National Railway in the increasingly likely event that those macronational commitments will substantially delay the submission of the route design, expected in early January 2007. The likely scenario would be a submission of the price per kilometre of track so that the construction simulation could proceed, with the actual engineered drawings coming in the future when the engineer’s macronational schedule opens up in mid-2007.

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