Dispute Ending Agreement proposed while President on Vacation

As many of you now know, the Free Territories of Freenesia returned to activity just days ago. Bringing with the activity was the emergence of an age-old animosity between Amerada and the Free Territories. When the FT first went inactive months ago, it was annexed by Delvenus on the blessing of Mr. Julian Starr, the leader of the FT. However, the new leadership of the FT has now denied that event in the history of micronations and has refused to recognize that the land taken by the FT from Amerada was returned by Delvenus. The dispute has now widened to include the Amerada colony of Floerta, of which Yuri V. Andropov is the governor. Andropov wants to merge this colony with the Free Territories, and has actually set up a forum for the colony at the FT board. President Washburn refuses to recognize that claim either and so far its just been a standoff between the two nations, with the occasional threat by Andropov – but what else would we expect from him?

This week is Civic Week in Amerada and the President (Earl Washburn), as well as the Vice-President (Jon Weatherhead), are both away for the week. President Washburn appointed Liam Sinclair as the Temporary President of Amerada. Mr. Sinclair, Mr. Locke, and Mr. Andropov all got together to discuss the situation in a chat, and an agreement acceptable to all was reached. Before I announce the preliminary agreement, let me say that the agreement isn’t official unless President Washburn says so. Recall the first time when Amerada had its land annexed by the FT, President Washburn gave the FT a county from each colony in Amerada in return for the FT withdrawal. The preliminary would see these counties handed back to Amerada, except for the county in the colony of Floerta. The colony of Floerta would also be permitted to join the FT. All parties involved agreed to this proposal, but there are doubts that President Washburn will accept it. President Pro-Tempero Sinclair and FT Strategos Andropov have both agreed to put the dispute on hold for a week until President Washburn returns and is able to comment on the proposal.

However, in typical Yuri style, Mr. Andropov has attempted to claim all of Amerada for the Free Territories, and appoint Sinclair as governor of Amerada. The act by Mr. Andropov is, of course, not recognized by the Republic of Amerada.

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