Dispute Sidelines Emeraldia

What began as an argument between friends at the same macronational school last week has escalated into the deletion of the Irish Republic of Emeraldia’s web forum. The fledgling micronation now finds itself starting anew at an alternate forum and with an uncertain future.

The dispute began when Liam Reagan, a high-ranking member of the Emeraldian government gained access to the web forum’s administration panel and granted himself senior administrator powers. Those powers, initially held by Emeraldian President Aaron O’Wray, were then used to revoke the president’s administrative privileges. Access was gained by Reagan through a computer that was not logged off from at the macronational school where many of the micronation’s population are friends. Despite attempts to broker a deal to restore the privileges to the president, Reagan deleted the forum yesterday, leaving Emeraldia’s government scrambling to find a secure location to rebuild the micronation.

In a statement to the citizens, President O’Wray noted that while the forums were lost, much of the information was saved and can be recovered. This does not extend to the Emeraldian national bank, which has lost all of its records, leaving the economy in ruins. The President stated that “[Emeraldia] must pick up the pieces and move on,” and then issued an apology to Reagan for any wrongdoings that had occurred between the two.

For his part, Reagan has been charged with treason and has had his citizenship revoked, though he will be allowed to return under certain conditions such as a promise to not disrupt Emeraldia’s forums again. A strict set of rules were also laid down by O’Wray regarding conduct of citizens who have macronational friendships.

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