Dissidents stage coup in Menelmacar; Lawful government removed from power

In what has been widely viewed as an act of terrorism by many governments throughout Micras, former Menelmacari Elentari Sirithil nos Fearnor along with Philip Locke today used the former’s EzOp powers to illegally seize control from the lawful government lead by Archetype. The dissidents have announced their takeover in a general order and have issued a list of banned citizens. The banned citizens include Archetype, WarVoid, and the supporters of the lawful government – or in other words, pretty much all but 6 citizens, with those six being the members of the terrorist cell known as “Soloralists”.

The Atteran Imperial Government was the first to condemn the actions of the terrorists and, in a rare show of support, Babkha seconded the condemnation with their own decree. The leaders of the coup, Sirithil and Bill Dusch, have assured their place in micronational history as nothing more than pariahs in the eyes of pretty much everyone but those in on the coup. The coup has also reclassified Solorism from being a micronational religion, to a bunch of micronational fundamentalists who will stop at nothing to get their way…kinda like Al-Queda.

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