DLPA Papers Create Alternative to AAP

After seeing the clear success of the Amerada Associated Press (three quarters of which is RCAA, and the other quarter is the MSA), the DLPA has decided to create a similar organization between the Washiawa Post-Citizen and Michswick’s new newspaper, the Chicouver Tribune-Sun. This proves that the DLPA is paranoid of the RCAA’s success in the media front of the political war and are trying to stump the RCAA’s growth even more by attempting to provide an alternative to the AAP – Amerada’s most trusted news source.

AAP leaders are not concerned about this new organization as it is merely a copycat organization that will never see the success that the AAP is having. The expected name of the DLPA propaganda machine is expected to be “Amerada Reuters”. The President made this decision on the news press partnership after stating that the AAP has done very well opposing the WPC – in other words, he said that since he couldn’t control the AAP, he had to try to destroy it with a rival organization.

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