Dornan Declares Candidacy

Former Atteran Prime Minister and recently repatriated citizen Ras Eoin Dornan has today announced that he will run as a candidate in the July 2004 Prime Ministerial Election for the Atteran Empire. Dornan is the first person to announce his intent to run for the position, which will be vacated by current Prime Minister Ras Liam Sinclair on 14 August 2004, when the next prime minister is to be sworn in.

Dornan, who was last prime minister in 2001 after being elected overwhelmingly under the Non-Conformist Party banner, opened his campaign for the position by bringing back the slogan of his last campaign: “Vote Eoin for 2004, It’ll be better than Sex!!!” Dornan is running for the position unopposed currently, but has nonetheless announced an election platform. The key points of the platform are to uphold Atteran values and traditions, to ensure that Attera is strong and united in the intermicronational world, and to promote immigration to the Empire to help it recover from the recent slump caused by the Iraq War.

Dornan is currently the representative for the Argaal Imperial Region in the Grand Executive Council and was recently awarded Imperial Ras (ruler) status over Argaal by Emperor Tzion I.

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