Dornan Returns!

What came as a surprise to many in the micronational world was that the Ard-Baron of Treesia, returned to the Atteran Empire after the United Baronies experienced it’s “Apocalypse”.

With the folding of the very successful United Baronies, Eoin Dornan assumed his former position as Ras (Duke) within the Solomonic Empire.

Upon his first post in the Atteran National Forum, the former Prime Minister of Attera, requested to be posted at his old home of Vega Baja, so that he could assume his fief.

His Majesty, the Emperor responded that, “Vega Baja is too small for the Ras” and is currently discussing with Prime Minister Sinclair about posting Ras Dornan in Argaal as it’s representative in the GEC.

With this posting, Ras Dornan would then control one-fourth of the Atteran Empire and be in position to issue legislation within the Yezawd Derg, the Atteran Parliament.

In addition His Majesty, the Emperor hopes to send Ras Dornan on a major mission to head a tentative “Imperial Ministry of Communications” that would be in control of all of the media within the Solomonic Empire with the hopes that his talents and popularity will attract more citizens for Attera.

When asked as to what would come out of attracting more citizens for Attera, the Emperor stated, “I’d like to see some serious debate over laws and plans for the Atteran Empire. With more people, we could again get active political parties vying for control and then I would be very pleased, as then Attera will have accomplished all of it’s set goals.”

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