Dreesbach Tables Racial Equality Statement in GEC

Ras Daniel Dreesbach, Interland’s representative in the Grand Executive Council (GEC) as well as Deputy Prime Minister, has tabled a statement regarding racial equality in the Council. The statement, stemming from recent calls by the Atteran Jewish community for open condemnation of the Nazi Empire micronation, is a council resolution that reaffirms the rights of all humans, regardless of race, and formally labels the Atteran Empire as a multicultural nation. Intermicronationally, the resolution calls on all micronations to ensure equal rights and condemns those that do not.

In other GEC news, the Council has approved a resolution to remove the constitutional restriction on Prime Ministerial candidates which stated that the Prime Minister must be a citizen of four months. The vote was a rare unanimous vote by the entire four member council, an event which has been unseen since late 2002 before the deployment of several high ranking members of Attera to Iraq in the latter months of 2002. Ras Dreesbach proudly noted the vote count in the Council, a significance also seen by Ras Sinclair who, with Dreesbach, was the only other regularly active member of the Council during the deployments.

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