Dusch leaves Tymaria

A day after Dusch’s implied resignation (leaving Tymaria for good and only to return when he secedes Tapfer) Dusch has claimed that he did not resign from Tymaria. Dusch, the former Minister of Culture, lost his Ministry after his announcement of leaving Tymaria, and could not believe that he was stripped of his admin power over the nation’s Ezboard. Many citizens of Tymaria voiced their support of the government in the issue saying that a person who does not care about Tymaria and does not have the nation’s best interests in mind does not deserve the substantial power over the nation’s center (its Ezboard) that Dusch wanted returned to him.

After much support from citizens for Dusch to finally leave, he left later that week. His reasons was that non-Apollonians (all citizens outside of Jasonia – an openly pacifist state) had ruined what he saw as the Tymarian dream. We all know that he said this because Tymaria failed to transform into the pacifistic nation that Jasonia was. His final leave announcement is probably the best for him, he has been stressed out a lot by micronations and his emotional health is far more important then the Game. Despite our differences of opinions, I would like to wish Bill the best in all his future endeavours.

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