Economic Simulation

Tebec Government Press Release 20030824

24 August 2003

In the latter part of 2002, the Tebec Government worked very hard on an economic simulation that would bring the simulated population into the “mix”. Efforts on the economic simulation were delayed in 2003 due to various other obligations which required attention. Today, the Premier’s Office has ordered the formal abandonment of those efforts as Tebec prepares to do away completely with the simulated population concept which we inherited during our time as a colony of Amerada. Approximately sixty or more pages of information offline pertaining to the development of the economic simulation will be transferred to electronic files as time permits and added to the National Library.

At this time, the Government has no plans to restart consideration of an economic system for the Commonwealth, and as such, by order of the Premier, the Ministry of Finance has been disbanded until such a time there is a demand for the resumption of economic services within the Commonwealth. Any questions can be directed to the Premier’s Office.

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