Editorial: Incoherent Rambling about Amerada


Amerada is an infamous nation. It is also an inactive nation. The following is a non-coherent rant that eventually gets to the point that I want to make: how to get the nation more active…at least, I think that’s where it leads.

The first is its theme. Amerada is, obviously, a combination of the macronations of Canada and the United States. The nation was created with a goal in mind: to create a perfect nation. Really though, it seems that the main driving force behind the creation was four kids who have no sense of nationality and want to throw Canada into the arms of the United States, thus fulfilling the long term goal of American relations with Canada, that goal being manifest destiny. But that is a different editorial for a different time. The combination of the two nations has attracted quite a few of people from places like the National Government Simulation, who find governmental systems strangely fascinating. I, myself, joined Amerada for the sole reason that it was the only micronation I could find at the time with a Canadian-based theme, being the patriotic Canadian I am, lol. Still, the odd combination of US and Canadian names into fictional places and the odd, and poorly organized, legislative system are not really the major point of attraction for people to Amerada. Those who are active in the nation are attracted by this concept, but as we know, most of the population isn’t actually active, unless they have to come out from under their rock to submit a census form to keep their jobs.

The thing that really draws people to Amerada is President Washburn. Let’s face it, the President is good at one thing, that is, he’s extremely good at one thing, spamming. With his giant signatures and useless posts designed at displaying those signatures, President Washburn has made his mark on the micronational view of Amerada. People don’t like the President because of all his spamming, but he has made Amerada infamous with it. The spamming has drawn a few citizens to Amerada for their traditional 15 minutes of activity and their lifetime of inactive cronyism [sic] in which they only come out when they’re told to. This inactivity can be attributed to the new citizen’s desire to stop Earl from spamming or harassing them to join, by giving him what he wants. However, for the most part, the spamming keeps people away from Amerada because they just can’t stand President Washburn. His spamming has cancelled out the cultural allure of Amerada, thus keeping us at the status quo, with four or five active citizens, and a bunch of zombies on the sidelines, with the sidelines being another name for the Amerada Government. Congrats, Mr. President, your efforts have made Amerada popular, but not really in that good of a way.

Amerada is an infamous nation because of these two forces, but the latter one seems to win out over the former and thus, Amerada gets a black eye in the micronational world.

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