Editorial: Ras Diga IV responds to “the few idiots” at Micro-Nations.org

Fellow Micronationalists, Ladies and Gentlemen of the Atteran Imperial Government and valued friends,

Today I give my response to the few so-called “micronationalists” that have responded in the Imperialism thread of the Corvinian-inspired Micro-Nations.org forum.

As promised, I stated over a year ago that I wouldn’t respond personally in a forum that I wasn’t invited in or wouldn’t be given a fair deal in, I remain committed in my vow.

Yet, that doesn’t mean that I won’t respond to this at all. Please forgive the anger I express at the hollow-minded, childish and stupid remarks that Mr. Julian Starr so graciously pointed me to.

My response:

I thought that I wouldn’t waste my time on the Micro-nations.org forum, but, a few things must be addressed. For the sake of continuing on with the style of my old comrade-in-arms, Ras Markle. A tribute to your cunning and great humor, I will attempt to use your style in bashing these pseudo-intelligent geeks with great gusto. If you do read this, let me know if I have done you proud!

On to the public bashing, and since I’m running for Prime Minister, I think, after this, I’ll be a shoe-in! Thanks Pete, Sologn and Belci, you have given me the lift I need to push me over the top in not only ratings, but in Atteran public opinion!

It is indeed unfortunate that we have Peter Rasmussen, a known plagiarist of the great author Snow, spouting off at the mouth, yet again. I thought you learned, but, I guess, you enjoy being ridiculed, so, I’ll thorough. Sologn, someone who cannot for the life of me, ever get his act together and say a positive word about anyone or anything, except for his “master”, the afore mentioned person of ill trained manners. Use your real name, it sounds too much like an Oscar Myer Meat Product. *Sologn, the new type of Bologna!* To round it all off, we have the Corporate Statist Burpsi oops, I mean Belci, who is actually a red-blooded Fascist who cannot at least stick to his beliefs when placed under fire. Send me some pictures with you posing like that idiot Mussolini, I’ll place them next to the ones of the Queens of TorHavn! You’ve picked a great role model, and the flag looks great too! LOL!

I’d like to reply to all of you with the following statement:

The Atteran Federation, formerly the Imperial Rasinate of Q’attera-Macusiaa has never had so-called sock puppets to represent the actual population of our micronation. Yet, I seriously doubt that Corvinia can say the same, for, it is quite obvious that she is no more than the typical “one-man” show often found in those micronations that have no purpose than to fulfill the grandiose dreams of the individuals who create them.

As for Ras Markle, he and I are actually in the military and to make things convenient, we have used the same office computer, which, by the way would have the same IP address. This is to ensure that the senseless spamming and various viruses that many wish to deploy these days, do not make it to my personal computer, but to a nameless computer designed to filter out the typical garbage such as the drivel from Rasmussen’s mouth. That doesn’t say that there haven’t been attempts, to find my home computer, but, you can’t hit me if you don’t have my IP. Just attest that to great Atteran cunning and brilliance. So, if you read between the lines, I can hit you at will, and you can’t touch me! It’s only that simple. Now, as far as Markle, he is well traveled and because of those travels has opted out of micronationalism, not to mention, feels that because of individuals such as yourselves, has become what he calls the “Bastion of idiots, fools and those with psychological issues who can’t lead their way out of paper bags.” Rasmussen, I can lead and with my soldiers, I can proudly say have brought every one of them back from every deployment I’ve been on intact and whole. From Kuwait, Cuba, Bosnia and Kosovo, I, and the many who’ve served under me have all come under fire at one point or another, and stood our ground. That is a test of true leadership, and strength. To create your own micronation boss others around, blast other micronations because you don’t agree with them, in a peaceful setting isn’t leadership, nor is it ruling anything. To do it in real life, now, that takes guts! Where are yours? Will any of you three, please step up and put your courage on the line? If you can’t prove you’ve done it, then, please don’t even place your names or micronations in the same category as mine, since, you have no idea of what it is to actually be a leader. When you do, maybe people will actually lend credibility to your words rather than e-mail me laughing at the stupidity of your posts.

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