Editorial: The Micronational Free Press Network Turns One!

Tomorrow marks a milestone in the MFP’s history and development. Tomorrow, we turn one. The MFP originally started out as the Los Antreal Times-Journal. The LATJ was the most prominent newspaper in the Amerada opposition movement and when the DLPA’s newspaper, the Washiawa Post Citizen, went under, the LATJ became Amerada’s only active news service. I remember those days so well, with our biased truth in many editions. It was quite fun. However, soon came the time to evolve the LATJ into a news service of greater potential, mainly spurred on by my own involvement in far too many nations at the same time.

In February 2002, the LATJ was renamed, and reborn, into the Micronational Free Press. It’s been a long road with the publishing of the paper, this is the 40th issue of the MFP. We have published over 200 individual stories, and received an average monthly viewing of around 150 hits. Our subscribers list contains about 20 emails, each email belonging to a person who has helped keep the MFP alive. I will admit that despite the less bias in the paper these days compared to its LATJ times, sometimes some bias does slip in there, regardless of who writes the articles. Bias isn’t a major problem anymore in my opinion – hey, we’re less bias than the Skyline, and that says a lot…err…or does it???

As for the future of the MFP, I don’t plan on giving up micronationalism anytime soon, and as long as I’m involved in micronations, I’ll continue to publish, though, as you know, my university studies cust into the frequency of new issues (I do get a four month summer vacation, so perhaps I’ll be more active with the publishing then).

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