EIFA Atter-Cup 2004 Teams Announced

Registration for the 2004 English (Language) Intermicronational Football Association’s Atter-Up tournament, in Q’Attera I.C.T this July, has come to a close and there is a full plate of competitors as the maximum six teams have been registered. Teams participating in the tournament will hail from the host nation, Attera, Treesia, Navland, Aerlig, Feianova, and Karnali. The teams from Treesia, Aerlig and Karnali make up the top three ranked EIFA teams in the world.

The event is being organized by the Prime Minister’s Office in Attera, in cooperation with EIFA, and will be held during the first two weeks of July. The tournament will be the first of its kind to be hosted by Attera, as well as the first of its kind to be held outside of the usual annual world cup tournaments, and it is hoped by all involved that it will become a permanent EIFA stopover to help make the world rankings change more regularly. The tournament will be held in the Rasnet Group Stadium in Q’Attera I.C.T, which was recently purchased by the event’s official sponsor (Rasnet Group).

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