Election to restore Parliament under revised Constitution open

Geneva, Alexandria; ABCC News – The State Electoral Commission opened its doors yesterday to candidacy papers in what amounts to be the first election under the new Alexandrian Constitution of 2009. After some backroom legal battles, the previous writ of election issued under the Regency was thrown out and a new one was instituted yesterday, after a temporary election law was decreed into law by His Imperial Majesty.

The temporary election law features new campaigning requirements for all candidates. All candidates must post a platform outlining their positions and agenda within the first forty-eight hours of filing their candidacy papers, and they must make a minimum of two speeches in the constituency they’re running in of no less than one hundred words.

Campaigning has already begun in Ibelin, Baudrix, the Overseas Territories and Rio Grande, where all candidates currently campaigning are running unopposed. No one has filed to run in Valenciennes or San Martin yet. The period to file candidacy papers closes on September 16th.

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