Elenaran Archetype Receives Vote of Confidence

Menelmacari citizen Philip Locke proposed last week that a vote of confidence in Elenaran Archetype be held in the Conclave of Equals. After much debate from both sides, the Vote of Confidence Bill has gone to the voting stage in the Conclave. Locke proposed the vote on the following grounds:

* Archetype has abused his powers to eliminate political rivals [removing Bill Dusch’s citizenship]
* Archetype has proven to be both a cold, uncaring person who advocates psionic warfare [www.psisoldier.net]
* Archetype’s leadership is dividing the nation

In what can only be considered as stinging condemnation of Locke and his effort to remove Archetype from power, eleven of the twelve votes currently cast in the vote of confidence go against Locke and support Archetype’s continued leadership over the nation. The one vote supporting the removal of Archetype belongs to Locke. Archetype, in response to the Vote of Confidence Bill proposed by Locke, brought Locke to the Prefecture of Justice on charges of libel. The source of the libel charge was in the first finding of Locke’s proposal in which he claimed that Archetype had been found abusing his powers. This proved false as Archetype had not been charged with a crime in the Bill Dusch citizenship issue, in which Bill claims to still have Menelmacari citizenship despite seceding from the nation back in December 2002.

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