Emeraldia Bids “Slán agat” to Micronational World

After suffering three hacking incidents in its short history, all of which were orchestrated by internal dissidents, the Irish Republic of Emeraldia has said goodbye to the micronational community. Its president, Aaron O’Wray, made the closure of the micronation official tonight, citing that “most [citizens] felt it better to move on” following the latest attack.

That latest attack came on June 13, when the new forums created for Emeraldia less than a month prior suddenly disappeared from the Internet. Initial suspicions for the hacking and subsequent deletion of the forums were directed at Liam Reagan, who had masterminded a previous deletion of the Emeraldian ProBoards forums.

In his final address, President O’Wray extended an apology to Mr. Reagan noting that there is no evidence of his involvement in the third deletion incident, despite popular suspicions. After the second incident in May of this year, the President extended a similar apology despite clear evidence that Mr. Reagan committed that criminal act.

Emeraldian assets will be transferred to the Kingdom of New Hawaii, which was founded by a group of former Emeraldians earlier this month.

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