Emeraldian Museum Opens in New Hawaii

The successor state of the Irish Republic of Emeraldia has paid homage to its heritage today with the official opening of the Emepalkia Museum, which features an extensive collection of materials pertaining to the former micronation that fell after repeated hacking by one of its leading citizens, Liam Reagan.

The former president of Emeraldia, Aaron O’Wray, was on hand for the official opening and in an address to those in attendance thanked New Hawaii for providing a “new home” to displaced Emeraldians. Mr. O’Wray noted that “Emeraldia had many hopes and dreams, as a new country, and I often believed that it was ultimately destined for greatness in the micro-world.” That greatness was dashed by three hacker attacks, and subsequently three deletions of the Emeraldian forums, with Liam Reagan known to have been behind at least two of the attacks. Now a citizen of the Virtual Commonwealth of Cyberia and New Britannia, Mr. Reagan did not attend the opening of the museum; however, alluding to Mr. Reagan and the possible motivator behind his crimes, Mr. O’Wray said, “some disputes … started over almost unimportant things … and ultimately Emeraldia was torn apart.”

The centrepiece of the museum exhibits is a memorial that names a number of Emeraldia’s past citizens and their positions within the micronation. Included on the memorial, albeit perhaps bitterly, is the name of Mr. Reagan.

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