Emergency board opens amidst state of emergency

Geneva, Alexandria; ABCC News – An emergency message board opened earlier today as the ongoing board issues continued to plague Alexandria’s national message board. Spam in the board as well as other technical issues forced the government to shut the board down for several days as the administration team sought to repair it.

Soon after the emergency board was built, His Imperial Majesty issued an imperial decree placing the country in a state of emergency and dissolving Parliament. What is different from this decree that set it apart from the long line of dissolution decrees was that it included the suspension of the Alexandrian Constitution of 2005. In a statement made following the promulgation of the decree, the Emperor addressed the nation, and reassured the country that the rule by decree was not permanent. “We do not intend to permanently abrogate the progress we have made in establishing a real constitutional monarchy with a strong parliamentary democracy. We intend to save the nation, rebuild our government and reshape the country,” stated the Emperor. “That is what We plan to do, and as soon as we can restore the Constitution and bring back our democratic institutions, We shall.”

The Emperor is convening a meeting of all his top advisers, including First Consul-elect Juan Ciervo. The swearing-in of the First Consul is set to be done sometime during this week, as Alexandrians return to participate.

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