Emperor declares an “Imperial state of emergency”

Geneva, Madland; MBCC News – In a national televised address, His Imperial Majesty, the Emperor of Madland, declared an “Imperial state of emergency” due to the recent alarming events in Madland. The declaration comes after a huge call from prominent Imperial politicians for the Emperor to act on the matter.

The Emperor declared the Estates-General dissolved and that he would rule by decree until “it is obvious that the crisis has passed and the legislature can meet again.” The Emperor went on to add that to ensure that the Estates would remain active in the solving of the matter a special meeting would be called two weeks from toda to discuss a solution to the matter. His Imperial Majesty said that “foreigners that are interested in participating in the proceedings will be given access to the meeting”. The Emperor also dispatched National Policemen to Geneva to make sure that the order is kept. He also put under alert the Grand Imperial Army. The Emperor ended his declaration with a small note to cheer up the nation: “We have gone through tougher times than these, my dear subjects. We always stick through together no matter what. Thank you all very much.”

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